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Hanbang Group builds Huzhou Industrial Park and joins hands with the government to help strengthen the city by industry

Time:2014-07-03     |     Read:9205

On July 2, 2014, Hanbang Group and Huzhou Donglin Economic Development Co., Ltd. held a project construction and land signing ceremony. Wuxing District Government Deputy District Mayor Pan Yongfeng, Wen Jianfeng and other relevant leaders, the legal representative of Huzhou Donglin Economic Development Co., Ltd., the mayor of Donglin Town He Fengfeng, the chairman and legal representative of Hanbang Group Wang Yubiao and relevant department heads attended the ceremony.


The two parties confirmed the construction and land use of the Hanbang Industrial Park project, and signed the "Agreement on Investment, Construction and Land Use of Wuxing District Industrial Projects", which clarified the scope of land use and the rights and obligations of both parties. The government leaders spoke highly of Hanbang’s entry into Donglin and gave high hopes to the development of the enterprise. Chairman Wang Yubiao of Hanbang Group expressed his gratitude to the government for its long-term support and help to Hanbang, and gave responses and explanations on Hanbang's development plan in Huzhou.


Hanbang Industrial Park is a major measure to adapt to the rapid development of Hanbang Group and promote the construction of well-known enterprises with international influence. The project plans to invest 1 billion yuan. At the same time, Hanbang will also lead 6 supporting enterprises to settle in Donglin Town, and strive to build the park into the world's largest and most technologically advanced wire drawing machine import and export base.